And just like that, we again reached the end of another edition of the SABF!

The morning started really strong with the SABF Spaces, where participants could choose between practicing origami, sharing a craft, a dance step or a mate, or debate in the London style of Speakers' Corner. They also had space to express what they want to do in before I die, or what they believe the world needs and messages for other participants in the sugar cubes.

El Gato y La Caja

After lunch, the attendees were able to carry out a live experiment with El Gato y La Caja evaluating the influence of groups in making moral decisions, in answering those questions that have no answer. We do not want to give away too many details, but the debates were definitely controversial. To collaborate with the construction of collective science, you can do it here (in Spanish).

Julio Aranovich

Next up, Julio Aranovich, physicist and Co-Founder of, gave the last plenary regarding the central theme of this edition, Inconvenient Perspectives. For Julio, "the essential thing in a public discourse is that it be verifiable", especially difficult in times of increasing polarization and post-truth. With regard to the work of journalists, he expressed that they had a very arduous task ahead of them, since they not only have to publish in a short time, but the ability to produce information has also deteriorated. He also stressed that in order to function in the public space, we must have confidence, and we do not verify everything since it would be impossible, in this sense the citizen must acquire the attitude of the editor.

Rob Britton

Once again, we had the pleasure of having Rob Britton offer his conclusions of these three days of the SABF. Since the beginning, and having already been present in 13 of the 15 editions of SABF, Rob has been a fundamental component of the SABF experience. He starts his space by thanking, an attitude that he recognizes and exemplifies equally, there is no such thing as too much gratitude, like learning, it cannot be done in excess, he tells us.

These past days we learned there are good and bad tribes, Rob tells us, this is a good tribe. It was three intense days that had our minds overflowing with ideas and new perspectives, in that context Rob offers advice to those present, before giving the floor to the participants:

  1. Be more curious. Curiosity is a continuum. This means mostly, read more. Think critically, and always question the validity of the source. Also, read literature, fiction. It will open your mind and foster understanding of other cultures.
  2. Be more reflexive. Not by looking in a mirror, but figuratively. Nurture an open mind and never forget to think about your moral compass, to avoid making the same mistakes others have made. It is clear that the people who lead and manage are not being reflective. Look outside widely and look inside always.
  3. Be more WE. Working together is always better than alone. Examples of this abound, as expressed by Professor Nicholas Negroponte on the first day of SABF.

These three things, add up to be more active, Rob says. The SABF community is already very active, but all of us can do more. With all the gifts and privileges we have, comes the responsibility of lifting others up.

Then, Rob gave the floor to the participants. There were many thanks, laughter and even a couple of tears, when it came to sharing everything that had happened in the last few days. Rob could again summarize the sentiment of the room by explaining why he and Rick (Dow, also a member of the Board of Trustees of the SABF) return again and again:

We know that we live in a world that has big challenges, and we remember every time we come to Argentina that we are in a country with enormous difficulties. Then we spend three days with you. And we leave energized because we know we are leaving the world in good hands.

The end

Time is running out and the audience seems aware of it. Directors Roberto Chá and Catalina Varela take the stage amid much silence, hugs and a couple of teary eyes. After thanking all of those who made the SABF possible, the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, the sponsors and mainly the SABF Partners: Amazon Web Services, United Airlines, Santander, Despegar and Ema Electromecánica, they summoned forward to the stage those who voluntarily worked for a year to make it all happen, the organizing team.

Now, with the closing video of the edition and many hugs and see you soon! the fifteenth edition of the South American Business Forum concluded.

See you next year!