Today, Cezary Tarnowski from Poland bring us some helpful ideas to help you get the financial aid you might need to get to Buenos Aires, Argentina to attend the South American Business Forum. It is our wish to give every one the opportunity to participate in the forum so we will be there to help you through the whole process. If you have any questions regarding this topic you can always write to

SABF – South American Business Forum. It sounds reverently, doesn’t it? Probably many of you think about participating in such great event. Visiting Buenos Aires, in many cases first time in Argentina, or even in South America, meeting new people, building up connection and friendships. It really sounds great. But wait. Argentina? A land far, far away from my home, while travel expenses are extremely high (especially, if you are from Europe or Asia)?!

Many of you will think: “No, it’s not for me, too expensive. I would not register”. I have to say, that I thought in that way as well. But eventually I ended up in Buenos Aires, as participant of SABF. How? Well, let’s treat my story as a kind of guideline for you, guys.

First, you need to think positively. There is no point in pessimistic way of thinking. Think about yourself as not a potential candidate for SABF, but actual participant, gain strength and self-confidence from this view!

Secondly, register. And complete your application. Is there anything you can lose? No. Some of may think about wasted time, but for me it’s quite clear – none of your job you’ve done for yourself and your personal development is wasted and spare. You’ve done it, that’s great, and keep going in that way. Is there anything you can gain? Basically, everything.

You can be a participant of SABF, visit Argentina, share your experiences and thoughts with famous professionals and your peers, making new friends and connections. And it always looks great in your CV. It makes impression. And finally, the last stage – funds to cover your travel expenses. If you can’t afford it on your own, don’t give up. Try to find a sponsor.

Firstly, go to your university/school and ask for financial support, describing the great opportunity in front of you, named SABF. That’s what I’ve done and you know what? My university covered about 90% of my expenses. Because they always care about their students. Try with yours then.

Secondly, send letters to the companies that support SABF, or students at general. Describe your situation and opportunity you have, and of course, what can you give to them (what kind of value-added stuff) in return. If you don’t receive any response, don’t give up. It sometimes happens. The most important is to not to surrender and to continue in your efforts.

You can also write to your government. I did it, and I even received a response with useful tips where to go to gather money for my journey.

Try everywhere, there is no dumb idea, and sometimes a little craziness is very helpful. Imagine all opportunities you may have as a participant of SABF. Don’t stop in your efforts and remember – nothing to lose, everything to gain.