Fact. Since 2008, more than 500 SABF Blog articles were posted.

Fact. During that time, those articles received +2000 comments on our blog. Not to count all the other comments that were left on social media posts announcing the articles.

Fact. In its golden era, the SABF Blog averaged +3000 daily visitors.

Fact. We are back, once again publishing.

The SABF's goal to reach into the world and connect brilliant future leaders from South America and beyond takes many forms. Our objective to contribute to the sustainable development of the world by nurturing debate and strengthening our sense of community has inspired us to launch a new era of the blog.

What would you like to read? Leave us a comment below! And if you are a member of our community or a leader in your industry: is there something you want to write to the world about? Reach us at blog@sabf.org.ar with your idea.

We are incredibly happy to share with you this new adventure. Welcome back to our blog.