No questions asked, the entrepreneur is an agent of change that may influence in almost every aspect of a country or region. However, they need a favourable environment that provides them with the necessary security for them to develop correctly. As an example, we may mention the cases of Italy and Japan, two current powers that, defeated in the Second World War, were able to reconstruct in a few years time, partly due to the entrepreneurs who made the reactivation of the economy possible hand in hand with the development of both countries. But this was only possible thanks to the support of the State which was precisely trying to generate an entrepreneurial culture.

Now, which is the reason why there is more entrepreneurship in the developed countries such as the United States than in the developing ones as Argentina or Chile? Ideas, projects exist in every country, the difference between one group and the other lies specially in the support that they receive to be carried out. This is why it would be interesting to consider what is that really makes the entrepreneurs able to act. The best way to analyse it could be from the personal experience of each one. Have you ever been entrepreneurs? Which were the incentives that lead you to be so? Or, on the contrary, which were the causes why you did not manage to succeed in it? The answers to these questions may give us a more clear perspective about the current situation of each of our countries and help analyse the similarities and differences between them, regarding the encouragement of an entrepreneurial culture.