The closing ceremony of the seventh edition of South American Business Forum was openes by Rob Britton, director of Airlearn. In this ceremony, Britton pointed out different topics and aspects mentioned by all the speakers of this edition. Particularly, he highlighted the great amount of ideas brought to the table by Santiago Bilinkis and he recognized the honesty of the members of the economic panel.

On the other hand, he also mentioned some important concepts about education and progress, as the one proposed by Trongé: “Our craddle should not be a limit to our personal development”, or the idea shared by Fernandez Araoz: “Choosing who to work with should not be a burden”.

Then, Rob Britton offered some space of time for participants to make comments about their experience. They recognized all the work and effort the organizing team put together for this event, as well as the wisdom of all speakers who shared their experience with them.

SABF 2011 was closed, finally, with an special speech made by directors Matias Spanier and Nicolas Loreti. They thanked participants, speakers, organizers and all members of their university, ITBA.

As the blog team, we want to thank all those who followed SABF 2011 from this blog, as well as those who have helped us making it possible.