The ninth edition of the “New Year’s Conference” will take place on January 15 and 16 2009 in Vallendar, Germany. It is organized every year by the Otto Bleisheim School of Management, and brings together 200 students and important personalities from the academical and corporative spheres.

This year’s main topic is “Behavioral Finance – How to Account for Irrationality?” and makes reference to real-world phenomena which can only be understood accounting for decisions that are either irrational or the result of preferences that deviate from neoclassical assumptions. During the two days of the meeting there will be lectures, discussions and workshops. In addition, a Corporate Fair will be hosted, and the most prestigious companies within the financial services industry will be represented.

Amongst this year’s notable speakers are Prof. Robert J. Aumann (Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for 2005), Hans-Paul Bürkner (President and CEO of The Boston Consulting Group), Stephan Gemkow (CFO – Lufthansa) and Walter B. Kielholz (Chairman of the Board of Directors – Credit Suisse Group)

If you are interested in attending the conference you have time until November the 30th to complete your subscription! Subsidies will be provided to foreign students. For further information, please visit the event’s official web-site, .