Humans now require the resources of 1.4 planets, but we only have one planet! We cannot do business at any cost.

We are on time to do things to change reality for good. But how can I, as an individual, change this?

Francisco decided to start his own logistic company in Argentina. He realised that he was alone in a country that was on fire but he did it because he was fed up because what was happening in corporate responsibility.

“Don’t be afraid of starting your own businesses”

Other Organizations

It is important to build a net with other organizations. He colaborated with: Endeavour, American Express and AVINA.


He considers that being happy is also important and living following your values is crucial to achieve that. Moreover, It has to be a balance with work and family.

“If you don’t have clear values in your life, it is very difficult to be where you want to be. “

You have to take in consideration stakeholders, your neighbours, your collegues, not only the people working inside your company but also outside. Business it’s not only economical but also social and political.

Newsletters for drivers

One positive messure, that he took was to write articles with recycled paper for their employees.  Those articles had positive messages as tips to improve driving, games for kids, advices for the drivers’ families.


A financial crisis is a consequence of an ethic crisis. Some investors took ethicaly wrong decisions. Argentina: Goverment put taxes on Soy export.  Society didn’t legitimate that so they had to remove that law.  Right now:  Argentina’s society is sleeping.

The power of the consumer lays on changing.

Consciousness on the way they consume can make the difference. Most of the time, they only decide based on price not in corporate social responsibility.

Capitalism in itself is amoral. It is a machine. The question is how we use it.

The next time we invest he hopes that we can decide whether to buy share of a company or not based on their social responsibility (nowadays it is exclusively on returns).