This time we would like to share with you all a participants point of view about the SABF, a quite different one from the rest. The following article was griten by Juan Pablo Nieto Stábile, who participated in the fifth Edition of the SABF, he is part of our delegates team nowadays and a student from Universidad Católica del Uruguay. We would like to thank him for his contribution.

After my sad early departure from the SABF, I started thinking what I’ve learned, what was modified in my life, what I modified in others life…

On my Buquebus tripo, half asleep because of the great night at Asia de Cuba, I started to meditate (dream, mutate in River Plate’s Spanish, etc.) about what happened, about what was waited to happen, about the dreams i had.

And now, I’ve read what Juan Ignacio wrote and, really, had nothing but to repeat his words.

The SABF was much more than a simple forum. Was much more than a place to learn new market or lidership or even anarchy techniques (Casey, haha). Was much more than a place to have fun, meet new people or meet a new city. Much more than a hotel and it’s breakfast, a crumpled business suit or a corrupted game (it was very notorius that my group was the winner, but some monetary transferences modified that decision, haha). Was much, much more than that.

SABF’s teachings indicate us, that even though we can learn new techniques or new scientific knowledge, the values are the same we used several centuries ago. Are the same each religion talks about. Are the same that our fatherland creators tried to teach us.

And the great responsibility of what now is happening is not noticing our lack of respect with them. If we stop just a little and think, we can notice that every market, family or country breaks down when those values fail.

Well, SABF was a place were it what demonstrated than the whole world could grow and be more happy if we only comply with our childhood values and ethics. When we grow up, we forgot about these things… now we not only have the opportunity, but the RESPONSIBILITY to achieve this goal.

But the most important thing, at least for people who want to do common good, is to see that others also want to do so. Is to see that we could start talking about important matters and look up for solutions without fighting. Is leaving out of the topic nationalism and seeing or country as a part of a great continent as Latin America is, us our fatherland heroes (Artigas, San Martín, Bolivar, etc.) dreamed.

¿Why can’t we dream of having an European Union here? ¿Why can’t we dream with a really united America? ¿Why can’t we dream about ethical political decisions?

Well, let stop dreaming…. now… we must start working.

As Matías said: ” We must not demand changes, we must be the main figure of them”

Thanks for turning me into a person much more capable to deal with and produce changes