More often than not, our economy-founded countries try to find new or more resources wherever possible. We design our lives to cope with great aspirations and seek for the most profitable business deals or to be hired by the gold-paying multinational. However, we cannot seem to find our way through this globalized world, and as time elapses, nothing seems to meet up to our expectations and our dreams vanish into thin air as we settle with an ordinary job at some local company. All the time, we seem blind to the possibility of taking something of our own knowledge and experience and for once playing the role we want to. Each from its own place and with its own dreams is capable of reaching whatever he or she wishes to. We must not set a limit to what has none, the human mind.

The importance of human resources is often dismissed. Society takes for granted the fact that intelligent minds will come and generate new technologies, explore fresh economic theories and solve political issues between distant countries. As well as this is what may actually happen, we do not have to feel comfortable in our shoes as they are. We should try and become that brilliant political mind that may generate a brotherhood dialogue between countries or the skilled economist that takes a shot at the untried.

Whatever it is we do, we should keep always in mind that each day is a new possibility to gain experience and get richer intellectually. A brand-new chance opens with every acquaintance, reading, forum, business partner; with every moment. It is our own responsibility to take advantage of those happen-to-be occasions and seize them as the way to grow personally and professionally. The most powerful resource we each own is simply our mind. It is here where we can explore and exploit the unknown. Earl Nightingale said “Your life is controlled by your thoughts. Your thoughts are controlled by your goals.” So we need to keep our hopes high, so that our thoughts are ambitious enough, and our life can unfold the way we want to.

We are the ones who decide what to do with our minds. We can either live and explore our own path or allow for everything or something else to happen. It resumes in what Donald Trump said “As long as you’re going to think anyway, think big.” Once again, don´t set yourself boundaries. Our minds can work wonderfully when allowed. Just remember the most powerful weapon we posses is our own creativity and eagerness. Now, how are we willing to use this? We can be key in today´s globalized world as Agents of Change or let this opportunity once more pass by…