In this plenary, the Argentinean entrepreneur Andrés Freire, co-founder, chairman and CEO of Axialent Inc. shared with SABF 2010 participants his personal experience in the development of his own career until nowadays, under the title “Learning to be more of a protagonist (and less of a spectator)”.

Through his speech, he remembered stories about his career after graduating in Universidad de San Andrés, until today, as chairman of Axialent and consultant for politicians in his spare time. He confessed feeling like taking a risk and taking a leap every time he starts a project. He affirmed that he had thought of Argentina as an obstacle to his professional career. Nevertheless, he founded Axialent from United States, but 50% of its employees are Argentineans. As a consequence, he decided to get back to Argentina, where he is working for two years now.

About Argentinean entrepreneurship, he pointed out the lack of strategies in it, according to statistics presented that put Argentina in entrepreneurial populations’ top five, but young success rates’ bottom five. As a consequence, he decided to start working with Endeavor Argentina, in order to promote entrepreneurship.

Finally, he concluded that the first step to go forward is to consider ourselves as part of the problems, so that we can change them. “Each one has a piece and has to decide how to use it. Each one should find his own way”.