**Juan Trouilh, founder and part of SABF’s Board of Members, told us about the need to form a stronger network of contacts among members of the SABF Community to encourage more encounters between them and to see what it generates. Juan invites all community members to join this project. Below you can find the story of one of these encounters.**On Sunday 6th I was at Barcamp 2011 at the University of San Andrés, when I met Dana Greco, SABF 2010 participant. She told me she had traveled to Las Vegas in May and she had the chance to meet an Argentinian person who happened to be a SABF jury. A great coincidence, right? I then asked her some questions to see if I knew him and she told me that this person was doing an MBA at Stanford. As much as I tried, I couldn’t figure out who he was.

The story may not seem that relevant now, but what at first may seem as a mere coincidence might not be so when I realize we are close to the eighth edition of SABF.
In these eight editions, 650 students from 40 different countries were involved with the forum as well as 150 speakers, 100 judges and more than 50 students of the organizing team.
I could go on stating the amount of companies, academics, journalists and others who have been involved in one way or another in the SABF. In total we are talking about around 1000 people that have helped build this forum in one way or another. That is lot of people given SABF’s short lifetime.

Dana was probably a “causal meeting” rather than a random one, and the not so transcendent story I was talking about, is a perfect example of what we have been thinking a long time ago in the Board of Members: SABF Community is reaching an “unknown dimension”, or at least one we could have never imagined, and we should start working more on it so we can strengthen and create more of these causal encounters, which give rise to interesting ideas and projects.

So far the SABF was primarily a student conference in Buenos Aires, and while we want to remain like that, a SABF Community could assist with this objective and also have a feed back. This conference is a great opportunity to learn, know, and start changing the world, and along with its community it could mean a space to doing this at levels that perhaps we can not imagine right now.

We don’t know exactly what can come out of these casual encounters, but they have a big potential for the exchange of ideas and initiatives. This is why we would like to start weaving the network of SABF Community with you, and we would also like to invite you to contact us through our mail: community@sabf.org.ar. Please send us your ideas, comments, questions or other things you want to share like other stories of “causal encounters” and friendships created in the SABF.
Any story between participants, judges and speakers is welcome.