This week I read the book “Pay it Forward”, written by Catherine Hyde whose film was entitled Pay it forward. I really liked the writing style, flashback, final surprise and the story itself. But what I most appreciated was the message given by Trevor McKinney’s teacher of social studies who proposed:”Think of an idea to change the world and put it into practice”. The eleven year old boy presented an original idea perhaps rather idealistic. He wanted to help anybody in need but this person didn´t have to pay it back but help three other people, this is to say, pay the favour to a third one. This chain would increase exponentially at a great scale. All these actions would contribute to help humanity.

The teaching is clear, with the simple wish to help somebody; no matter how small it may be, one can contribute to change the world. Is it only possible in Hollywood stories?

On the other hand, in the real world, there is a forum that deals with fulfilling a dream to a hundred people who are cheered to apply that knowledge on behalf society. It is worth to mention that nobody obliges people to take ideas into practice, but they are inspired. What is the forum´s mission? To generate a responsible behavior on the future leaders to achieve a sustainable development.

Would it be an utopia to think a little more on others than on oneself? That´s why** it´s useless to hope great changes from others, the change begins from ourselves.** Our words and our ideas can transform reality.