Dear South American Business Forum Community,

March begins with high expectations. It begins with good will, emotions and changes. As for today, the entire content of this organization’s blog will be integrally managed by a group of collaborators very close to the SABF. Trying to give a firmer identity to those who write and frequently generate posts, it has been decided to put together a human group that, based on a strong commitment with the organization, seizes the coordination of what is published in this medium.

As many of you already know, up to the last edition a large party of collaborators (mainly ex-participants) gave life and grace to this blog, through a network of writers and a group of editors. We thank all of them for their outstanding and successful contribution of energy, ideas, questions, answers and comments. At this new stage of this blog, we would like to openly invite you all to continue supporting and submitting material whenever you feel like it, the way you feel like it. Without a doubt, it has been the community itself the one who continued creating more community, generating fascinating thoughts and readings.

Yet, it is a year of changes and new goals. This year’s blog content will be coordinated by a reduced group of people; which does not mean – and I re-highlight – that no one else can contribute with interesting material. On the contrary!

This new group is made up by:

–        Nicolás Berneman, SABF 2010 participant

–        Ana Paula Valacco, SABF 2013 participant

–        Facundo Calvo, SABF 2011 participant

–        Cristian Tenuta, SABF 2011 & SABF 2012 participant

To them goes my special gratitude for having accepted this challenge.

As General Coordinator of this blog, I invite all the Community (and all of those who would like to join in), to periodically visit this medium, so as to create a space of debate and back-and-forth dialogue about current Argentinian, South American and worldwide issues. And, very specially, to be part of one of the most attractive student forums of South America, applying until May 4th 2014.

If you are interested in contacting this Team, please feel free to write to

My best regards to all the Community,

Juan M. Maffi

General Coordinator – SABF Blog