After a lot of work, we are ready launch the new SABF blog today! As you will notice, we wanted to go for a more professional and current look, so several changes have been made. Besides the chagnes in loook, the new blog also incorporates categories, which will allow us to classify our posts in a better way. We believe that this will ease your reading of our blog!

Due to the cultural diversity that characterizes the blog, we tried to find the best solution to the language problem. We have settled for two different blogs, one in English and one in Spanish as we had been doing up until now. The only difference is that now the two blogs are independt, so the content of the Spanish blog may differ from the English one. If you are interested in all of the Blog’s articles, then I invite you to read the two of them, since only this way will you find the most content!

Although we believe that the new blog has a lot of advantages, they come at a cost. In this case, the problem is that all the people who were previously subscribed to our RSS feed or the e-mail updates, will have to subscribe again if they wish to keep receiving them. This can be easily done with the icons on the right sidebar.

We hope you enjoy the new blog and continue to support us as you have been doing!