Hello everyone!

Only some days after this year’s SABF, I want to seize the opportunity to once again thank all of the participants who helped make it a reality.

It seems amazing just to think that a little bit over a week ago, we were in the middle of the 3 days of SABF, here in Buenos Aires. To be honest, I really feel it was a longer time ago. Probably it’s due to the intensity these 3 days had, and to all the things we lived, felt and learned.

Despite that probably all of us must be missing those 3 amazing days, it is good to be able to look back some time afterwards and see some of this year’s results. New friends, new knowledge and experiences, and above all, a lot of energy to begin or continue taking action to gradually change our world, are the ones I distinguish the most. Truth be told, those results are no mean feat!

Once again I want to thank all of those who participated all along this year of SABF organization and in the 3 days of the forum itself, because without you this would not have been possible. I also want to congratulate the student participants, because it was them those who accepted the mission of dialogue and exchange, and accomplished it beyond all of our highest expectations. We are still actively seeking for words to describe what we feel when we see the impact SABF has had in you and the one you have had in SABF.

From the organizing team we are now working in several issues, starting with the magazine that will sumarize all what happened during the forum, creating infrastructure for the next organizing teams and thinking in new ways of improving and boosting all the results of the conference in itself.

If you have any suggestion, question or comment, feel free to write to any of our personal addresses or to info@sabf.org.ar, and remember that in this blog you will be able to find a great number of summaries of these year’s dissertations. Step up and comment, bring your opinions to the table and continue being involved in this which belongs to you!

Many greetings from Buenos Aires, congratulations and thank you once again, we will stay in touch!