As you may know, January 20th was a very particular day, not only for the USA, but for all countries. There is a common feeling of change, hope and optimism. However, I consider we should be cautious and patient. We cannot pretend instant changes on issues as profound as international, environmental and economic affairs, among others; and even more considering the period of crisis the US and the whole world is going through. This process needs continuous support, but it also needs time.  Personally, the first thing I felt when I got the news that Obama had won the elections was a great joy, knowing that ghosts of the past, like racism, little by little are being overcome. It is surely not a solved problem, but during the decades of 50´ and 60´ an Africanamerican president would have been unthought.

We hope that the millions who have manifested their support assume the compromise necessary to generate the change we all pretend. It is not a task for one, it is for all.

You can see here Obama´s first speech as President of the United States of America:

I don´t have doubts that on January 20th the US and the rest of the world manifested their desire of change, putting all their hope in one man, Barack Obama, will he manage to handle it?