The “Group Dynamics”, organized by Martín Peña and Mercedes Blanco (CORPORASTI) started with a brief introduction to their company, in which participants learnt how to work and coordinate in groups, divided in 20 tables of 5 members each one.

Each team had a leader who had to take the corresponding material, consisting on coloured bricks and participants were also warned about the problems that could be generated in case of violations of rules. The activities consisted on building pieces that represent the present and future in 20 years. Then, they built an structure with a wheel on the top of it and a resistant bridge to support the pass of years.

All these activities in the group dynamics aimed to learn how people can interact without knowing each other and build through dialogue. Martin Peña highlighted: “In a group without leader, naturally one will emerge.” In addition, networking and cultural exchange were also enhanced in this activity through the coloured bricks.

To conclude, the organizers of the activity highlighted the success of each of the constructions the groups put together with the pieces and their capacity to organize themselves and work as a group, in spite of their differences and of the obstacles they had to face. The way to success is filled with difficulties and unless we face those proactively, we will never manage to achieve progress.