This past Friday, December 2nd, the SABF 2012 Lauching took place, During this event, the achievements of the seventh edition were presented, as well as the new objectives and the Main topic for the eighth edition. Also, the new team was presented, as they will be the people in charge of making SABF 2012 possible. This event took place in the Magister room at ITBA and was attended by ex – participants, team’s family, ex-organaziers and members of the SABF community in general.

First of all, Nicolas Loreti, Co-Director of SABF 2011, made a summary of last edition’s results. He mentioned the achievements and also complications that they had to overcome. After that, he introduces the new directors: Paula Montaldi and Lucas Díaz. They shared with the audience which the objectives for this new SABF will be. Among them we can mention:

  • Redesign of the blog
  • Boost of SABF Community
  • Improvements in the benefits for sponsors
  • Optimization of internal tasks of the team
  • Improvement in the quantity and diversity of applicants
  • Improvement in the relationship with related organizations

After that, the moment that we were all expecting arrived: the presentation of the main topic. The co-directors mentioned how difficult this task had been, and how they had came up with this idea. The process involved ex-organizers, new team members, the Board of Trustees and other members of the community. The conclusion they have arrived is that the discussion about exponential times (last edition’s main topic) had been a bit abstract and theoretical. This is why the new approach will focus in practical actions applicable in the real world. To achieve those objectives in a global level, today more than ever the role of collaboration and the work in conjunction are essential. That’s why the topic will be centered in three different levels:

  • Regional level
  • Organizations level
  • Individual level

With these three approaches the Main topic is:

Global Objectives, Collaborative Actions.

Finally the new team was introduced:

Student Relations
Soledad Delgadillo
Helena Polyblank
Sebastián Fenelli
Lucas Palomeque
Michel Estrebou
Jesica Klein
Olivia Cesio
Juan Berardi
Information Technology
Esteban Ordano
Enzo Altamiranda
Media & Communication
Federico Bond
Luciana Reznik
Hernán Suris
Celeste Molina
Laura Varela
Konstantinos Papalias
The SABF 2012 will take place on 3rd, 4th and 5th of August and the application period will go from February 1st to May 6th.