The first day of SABF 2011 ended with Diego Luzuriaga’s conclusions.** Diego Luzuriaga is the director of Equitas Venture**, the first sustainable investment fund in Argentina. He started his presentation quoting different phrases and ideas from the previous conferences. Amongst them:

Santiago Bilinkis: The expectations of the future created in the past weren’t fulfilled. On the contrary, our expectations for the future will fall short. When things grow at exponential rates, the past becomes a very bad predictor of the future.

Claudio Fernandez Araoz: The importance of talent inside organizations also grows at an exponential rate. Although IQ and experience are important for explaining differences between human resources, the main difference is emotional intelligence.

Manuel Alvarez Trongé: Education is improving life standard of other people. It doesn’t imply only transmiting knowledge, but also the capacity of the receiver to transform that knowledge.The craddle can’t be the main determinant for a better future, a good education should be the way to get there.

Then, Diego decided to talk about other phenomena that grow at exponential rates and that until know hadn’t been mentioned, like crime, poverty and contamination, amongst others. Rapid growth rates are sometimes based on non sustainable production. So, altough we find great benefits in the short term, in the long term many projects have devastating consecuences.

Finally, he closed the day with a reflection of finding singularity in ourselves, as an honest objective in the search for being part of the elite in any area we decide to focus. Along with this idea, some participants emphasized the importance of contributing to people around them and the world in general.