The SABF had the honour of having worldwide recognized architect Cesar Pelli answer some questions for the SABF Blog readers. Mr. Pelli has done a lot of renown designs, including the Petronas Twin Towers.

SABF: By means of Architecture, how can the Latin American identity be rescued and turned into a globally recognized icon?


C.P.: I don’t relieve that today’s architecture can give identity to a region. For better or worse, global architecture moves at pretty much the same rhythm. Something we can do is to respect the traditional existing identities, and support them with our new disgns. Something that is globally respected is the quality of design.

SABF: How can a balance between the cities’ architectonic tradition and postmodern architecture be achieved?

C.P.: One of postmodern architecture attitudes is to respect and sometimes emulate the existing traditions of the region in which construction will take place. The conflict lies between modernism and the current trend to “overesteem” originality and a personal architect’s signature design.

**SABF: How is sustainability incorporated into architectonic design? **

C.P: Sustainability is the Basic component of everything we design. We try to take it the furthest our budgent and client allows us to.

SABF: Globalization has diminished the size boundaries in the World. Do you relieve the same is happenning in the field of architecture?

C.P.: I relieve it has already happened.

**SABF: What do you believe are the keys for making full use of your capacities as a professional and what advice would you give to university students who aspire to one day do the same thing in their respective careers and environments? **

C.P.: I think it is essential to discover if one really has talent for design, and tol ove what you do. If it’s not the case, then find another profession or look for other aspects of architecture (technical details, construction supervision, management, client courting, etc.) in which you feel more comfortable. They are all essential elements of a good professional practice.