The 11th edition of the South American Business Forum concluded with a day of more relaxed activities than the former two days. Here, the summary of the experience.

SABF Games

The last day of SABF began in a very different way from the previous ones. Participants were grouped into teams and began touring classrooms of ITBA, where  games of all kinds that tested different skills awaited them. The games were varied, ranging from a classic memotest, through challenges to topple towers of glasses with rubber bands, office tennis, relay races, to the creation of a mural together. These games required participants to put into practice not only their leadership skills and teamwork, but also confidence in one-another, communication and motivation.

The activity attracted the most attention was the “air chair”. In this activity, four chairs were arranged in a circle, each with its back to the next. Participants had to sit in the chairs, and then lay their heads on the lap of the next one. Once everyone was in that position, the chairs were removed, and the structure would be able to stand. Teamwork and coordination were key in this case, because if a person fell, the whole structure collapsed. This activity was founded by the saying that “a chain is as weak as its weakest link”, which is why the whole group must be committed to the objective of maintaining the structure standing.


During the games certainly an atmosphere of healthy competition prevailed, but mainly of vivid joy. In such an atmosphere were reflected the bonds of friendship created among the participants during the days of conference.

Key Note – Rugby Without Borders

Gustavo Cervino, captain of the rugby team that survived the tragedy in the Andes in 1972, says: “We got out due to a lot of factors but mainly because we were a rugby team”. Rugby Without Borders is a foundation with the same values ​​that that same team. An institution designed to promote the values ​​of peace and build a society living in harmony.

Tjhey propose a way out of the complaint and the claim, and change to commitment. Its President, Juan Bautista Segonds, serves as the current coach of the Argentine Davis Cup team under the motto “one team, one country, one dream” looking egos aside and working together.

Segonds raised to the audience the following questions and the replies by the future leaders at the 2015 edition of the SABF:

  1. What things concern?

The loss of values, insecurity, education in universities, integration, gender inequality, poverty, lack of social awareness, lack of self confidence and enmity between peoples.

  1. How is society today?

Divided, corrupt, worried, segregated, violent, frustrated, individualistic, estranged, promising, unbelieving and disoriented.

  1. What is the sport in South America?

There are four and not one:

  • COMPLAINING: all. The weather, the traffic, the country, everything.
  • HAVING AN OPINION: of all and above. We are opinologists by nature.
  • CLAIMING: this can not be, this has to change. Claimologists.
  • KNOWING EVERYTHING. We are know-it-alls.


The SABF was coming to an end, and Rob started the remarks of the SABF calling for friendship, “everybody I have met and I will meet in the SABF are my friends”. He remembered the stories of previous and current participants, and asked us to look after ourselves. “There is no shame in asking for help when our emotions are not right”.

After, he addressed the audience and talked about three questions, “what?, so what? and, now what?”. in this edition, the “what” was the discussion held during the three days, the topics talked about on sessions, hallways, coffee breaks, lunches and even streets. According to Rob, these last three places are where the most interesting discussions occur.

The “so what?” can be many things, depending on many people, but he gave a conclusion, “the world needs inclusion”. You can do it”. We are among the included,and  need to spread the word around the world for the need of inclusion.

Finally, he gave the space to the participants, so they could share the thoughts and questions that were left unsaid on the past days because of lack of time.

To close the day, Rob introduced the director of this edition, María de la Puerta Echeverría and Alexis Medvedeff. After thanking again everybody involved in the SABF, they reminded the participants of the three wishes they had: they wanted them to learn, to create a valuable network and to start may valuable friendships. Now, the directors asked them to start thinking how to change things, how can we contribute from our place. From now on, there are challenges. They asked them to take everything they’ve learnt somewhere else, to be the protagonists of the change.

Afterwards, they talked to the organizing team, and thanked each one of them for the work done throughout the year, overcoming many difficulties and challenges. With that, the team took the stage and the curtain came down; a new edition of the SABF ended. See you in the 12th edition!