The third day of the 10th conference edition begun with a group activity in charge of Ricky Pashkus, who took the participants out of their formal structure and made them move loose. Together, the 100 participants sung and danced small choreographies to reinforce the international and collaborative character of this group. The morning was summarised in fun and a relax audience.

After having joined the participants during the three journeys, interacted with them, and been a great asset in each debate, Rob Britton begun the closing ceremony of the South American Business Forum

His review of the different dissertations and talks stated clearly the importance of the topics approached during the conference,cierre and the quality of the debate initiated by the participants. “I saw so many hands up in each occasion, with enquires that could not be answered that I hope to have a future chance to make it up to everyone.”, he joked. He delivered his gratitude to the organisers, participants and speakers for having helped in the making of this experience, and decided to review his impressions on each talk he attended. He reminded the audience of the definitions given by some of the orators, highlighting the concepts that defined the SABF’s central topic the best.  He then opened some questions for the audience, specially focused on the changes that generate the opportunity to participate in this kind of experiences. “This is a gift that you must thrust to the future, where you will see it come true in projects and challenges” he stated, to then call the audience to share what they would be encouraged to do differently from now. Besides, if “the massive social problems can be solved with the practice of the collaborative economy”, he invited everyone to practise this idea to start changing.

When the participants answered Britton’s call to take the floor, it was clear how many and how deep the concepts of the different activities became triggers for personal projects. Some mentioned the need to stay in touch with this network of young people, who know they are the ones that can lead the change – because of their conscience of this role and its success probabilities – to collaborate and boost each positive activity in the World. “It is a difficult journey that is not taken by most people, but it is the only one that can make things happen”, highlighted Britton, who encouraged the audience to follow their vocation.

“Es un camino difícil que no es el que usualmente la gente toma, pero que es el único que puede hacer estas cosas posibles”, destacó Britton, quien además animó a la audiencia a seguir su vocación en este sentido.

Subsequently, the directors of this edition, María Laura Varela and Florencia Ravenna took the stage to thank each participant, collaborator, speaker, sponsor and – very specially – the members of the organising team. They reminded the phrase by Walt Disney that Diego Luzuriaga quoted on the first day: “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing”, and everyone was invited to put in practice each idea that this new SABF edition brought to their minds.