salvesequienpuedaWe live in times in which humanity seems to be moving to the tune of “every man for himself”, and where selfishness as an anti-value often prevails over camaraderie, solidarity and love for the neighbor. The hope of living in a world much more inclusive and multipolar is non-isolated and it should be strengthen with actions and words, doing what it is right according our own belief system and bear the consequences of our actions, from the individual to the collective. We must follow this direction in our daily actions, i.e., we keep a permanent service attitude towards our jobs, families, or any other area in our lives.

Ideologies can shape the characteristics of entire civilizations or, at least, of a social or cultural segment composed of intellectuals, executives, workers and students. By accepting it, the ideology becomes the banner to build a new lifestyle. Although Karl Marx claimed that the main type of alienation was the economic alienation, since the rest derive from it, currently it is accepted as a phenomenon in which the individual personality is suppressed, then the free will is controlled and later removed, to turn the person into a being dependent on the interests of those alienating it, whether an individual, an organization or a government.

nosalienamosHistory has shown that when alienation occurs in a society, the consequences can be devastating. It all depends on the values shaping the ideologies used. Much more can be said about this topic, but I just wanted to mention it to bring up the situation many Latin American countries are going through.

Venezuela, for example, is a country that has lived many deep political, social and economical changes in the past 15 years. It could be said that part of the population has been alienated in order to impose a model that has failed before and is failing now. Yet, I don’t mean to talk about the causes and consequences of a politic and economic process that has led to a deep division, polarization and discord of its society.

This deep fragmentation of society is incompatible with any development model. It is necessary that families, communities, organizations and companies unite to create harmony. I believe it is very hard to follow an ideology that is against progress and to join forces with those we hate to solve problems, though it comes a time when conditions become so unbearable that the only thing left is to give in and put aside the prejudices blinding us. But in addition to this, it is necessary to cultivate values in the family environment. Especially in those deprived families that have been poverty victims during the last decades due to many reasons. It is even more important to spread the importance of education in the population. Without education we are susceptible to be manipulated and alienated by anyone who wants to. Simón Bolivar once said that ignorant people is a blind instrument for its own destruction.

Ultimately, human beings are destined to coexist with their peers creating interpersonal relationships that lead tosalvesequienpueda2 success. We would be stubborn if we thought that we could accomplish great achievements without anybody’s help. It is necessary to put aside the prejudices, the discrimination, the racism, the nationalism and the pride. The human beings are sociable by nature, thus those who isolate themselves will seek their own selfish desire and will go against practical wisdom. The matter lies in finding the right company, since they have a profound influence. It is necessary to cultivate generosity, forgive without limits, live according the rules of our belief system and express altruistic love. History shows that in the most desperate moments mankind has united to face them. Undoubtedly there are many thing that must change in our world, but the changes should start from the inside out, in ourselves. These are the most auspicious times to move further towards integration, progress, sustainable developments, and to positively impact society with our actions.