This plenary was presented by Sergio Bergman, Executive President of Fundación Judaica, president of Fundación Argentina Ciudadana and Executive Director of R.A.I.C.E.S. (Red de Acciones e Iniciativas Comunitarias por la Empresa Social). Through this speech, he gave details of his experience.

He started blessing all the attendants and focusing his words in the sinergy that human beings can achieve in their diversity as a big family. Also, he defined the term “youth” not only as a range of ages but as a state of the spirit. According to him, the one who has no ideals or utopias has neither future nor present. He also presented trascendence as one of the leiv motiv of the existence of human beings, not meaning great works, but the exact proportion that allows the creation of yourself where you build a work that gives you an identity, by which you will be remembered.

Following Bergman’s speech, nowadays in Argentina we have not only a crisis of values, but also a crisis of exemplary and models to follow. This country is potentially rich in abundance and miserably poor in the ashamed inequity. The problem is not the poverty of those who donnot have, but the spiritual misery of those who have much more than what we need.

“Young people like you at the South American Business Forum, who have the capacity and the resources, you need to have not only vision of the future, but also being part of institutions that are working to reach a lowest common denominator. You have capital, knowledge and business capacity. We must work on public issues”

He added that the future is not what will come if we do not work today to make it happen. Argentina is still a promised land.

The question is, how do we make thing work? State policies. There are two things missing, policies and the State. There is no better way to show charity than with politics. Politics and charity moves together. To go back to politics, it is needed to dignify it and that could only be possible with the right resources, talent and human resources. The Young have top ut its more valuable resource, time and effort. The inhabitant has to decide to be a citizen, and the citizen has to decide to be public officials. We achieve that with education.

Bergman concluded that, as young citizens, we have to train ourselves, talk to each other, cause synergy and never try ourselves as enemies but take advantage of the strength of the difference among you.