The end of the year also brings to an end the last edition of the SABF. An Edition which faced obstacles that risked the very integrity and continuity of the organisation, but in turn gave us a chance to prove that it takes more than an economic crisis and a sanitary emergency to discourage a team that is deeply commited to their mission: deliver a succesful conference with one goal, to inspire students all around the world to step forward and take positive action in society.

As usual, the Presentation was supported by ITBA: José Luis Roces (Provost – ITBA) opened the session with a renewed vote of confidence towards the organisation and highlighted the value of the continuity this student-run proyect has achieved. Later, the directors of the 2009 SABF tried to summarise the results obtained during this year’s hard work, the improvements that were accomplished and the hard decisions they had to overcome. Last but not least, the 2010 directors presented the new team’s commitment to keep growing, to  make it possible to reach more countries, widening the cultural backgrounds during the conference, not only of the students, but also of the speakers.

With the closure of the 2009 edition came the 2010 Presentation: the new team was introduced, and the new main topic was presented: “Boosting our actions in the new decade”. This subject was the result of a search for something that will help students translate their ideas into real actions, and with the aim of achieving a more pragmatic approach. Taking this as a main idea, the three topics that will be discussed at the forum are the following: in a social level, the evaluation of individuals as a group, societies and alliances that come together to create active communities, with an identity of their own, working to get results that transcend more than individual actions (synergy); in the political area the search for the involvement of the community in an active way, committed to the political activities, from the point of view of responsible citizens who want to actively change the reality they live in and does what it takes to do so; from an economical point of view the objective is to find a way to develop sustainable businesses, keeping in mind the impact they create in society and the environment.

The sixth edition of the SABF will take place during August, 6th, 7th and 8th 2010. *The application period begins January 20th and ends May 9th. *For more information on how to take part in the 2010 SABF, go to: or email to the Student Relations’ responsible, Juan Maffi (

[SABF 2010 Presentation]( "SABF 2010 Presentation")