For those who are intrested in taking part of the spreading of the SABF in their universities, We have got good news: You can join the Delegate’s Team of the SABF 2010!.

A delegate is a person who helps us out with the diffusion of the forum (mainly) in his/her university (it can be in different places as well, such as different universities and clubs among others), by using posters, digital means for publicity and informative lectures (but new methods are always welcome). We aim for the delegates to comunicate with eachother, in order to share opinions, working methods or just life experiences and generate a pleasant, dinamic and innovating work enviroment.

Delegates are a fundamental part of the SABF’s diffusion, the constant growing of the forum is greatly thanks to their great work.If you are interested in being a delegate or you just wont more information about this, please contact us at