This post was written by Rob Britton. He’s Advisor to the Chairman, American Airlines (USA) and twice a SABF speaker.

Rob Britton interacting with SABF participantsOkay, I’m an old guy, already a grandfather, so it’s easy for me to wag my finger and say “sit down and write an essay,” but if you could know right now how cool and useful SABF is, you would get to work writing the essay and finishing the application. There are few student conferences as dynamic, and none of them in as awesome a city as Buenos Aires. The 2008 theme, “Empowering Agents of Change,” will look at a very relevant question for South American economies – and those in much of the world. Change agents come in many forms, but one consistent reality is that dynamic economies are full of them. SABF 2008 promises to look at that topic and more, to fill your head with ideas and possibilities, to provide a great place to network, and, not least, to have some fun. But the thinking really starts before you get to the conference – what are the most important change agents in your country? Who is driving innovation? If you were “in charge,” what would you do to encourage and empower agents of change in your country?