TODOSxSebas  is an initiative from Sebastián Corbat’s family and friends to try to get him a marrow transplantation. Sebastian is  37 years old and he has a genetic affection called  XLP. It is a rare almost always fatal disease that affects only boys. To date only about 100 families and 400+ boys have been diagnosed worldwide. Because of it, 4 of his brothers had already died. Now hi has aplastic anemia, a complication that afects 3% of the people with XLP and if he doesn’t get this bone marrow transplantation, he can not sourvive. We need to get 974.000 USD to cover the expenses for his travel to Boston to get the treatment. The objective is to get it in the least amount of time as posible to make this 1 year procedure in the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, USA. With the treatment he has 75% chance of survival. We thank you all for all the help you can give us by:

  • Donations: there are many ways to do  it, for more information go to the web site.
  • Diffusion: we made some math and with 450.000 people, donating U$D 3 we will get to the amount that we need. Help us with diffusion through the facebook group or ussing the hashtag #todosxseba on twitter.

The entily organizing team of the SABF, his friends and family, we thank you all for your help. For more information you can send an email to