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Discover the Domain World & Win an iPod!

SABF’s Benefactor, InterNetX, has decided to challenge this year’s participants with a contest very near to both this edition’s subtopics and its own area of expertise: internet and the 2.0 society.

InterNetX GmbH, located in Regensburg, Germany, was founded in 1998. The company offers the essentials for any webhosting provider such as domains, network connections and webspace. InterNetX is a technical and strategic partner, operating for numerous global players in the background. With more than 3 million managed domains and about 1,600 physical servers, InterNetX is one of the largest service providers for professional users and resellers on the international marketplace.

We share the proposed challenge below.

After university, you decide to found a startup business. The business model is clear to you and you want to register the appropriate domain for it. Apart from your own ccTLD, you decide to register a domain name under .CO, .NET or .ORG. Explain your business model and why you would choose this TLD. Also, explain what you expect from your online presence and what you would do to maximize the outcome / profit of your domain name.

Please share your idea with us. To enter for the prize draw, submit your proposal as a PDF on max. 2 pages by July 24 to the provided email. Please don’t forget to mention which of the 3 TLDs you would choose and for what reason. Competition is open to SABF participants only and only one proposal is permitted per person. If you come up with a great idea, we might want to interview you. Please indicate if you are not willing to do so. This will have no effect on your winning chances.

Every day, more than 10,000 companies around the world make .net their domain of choice. Show the world your potential with a .net domain name.


.ORG is the domain for organizations, individuals, and companies to mobilize their communities, achieve a common goal, or pursue a shared cause.


.CO is the global and recognizable web address for launching great ideas. Bring your ideas to life on .CO today. www.Opportunity.CO


If you are a 2011 SABF participant, do not let this opportunity pass you by! Submissions are accepted until July 24

Business Today International Conference

Because we know SABFers are always looking for opportunities to debate and act, we would like to recommend you to participate in the 2011 edition of the Business Today International Conference. This event is going to be held in November, in New York City, United States. This year’s main topic is Pieces of the Puzzle: Putting Together the Global Economy.

As the global economy recovers from the financial crisis, businesses now face a great challenge: identifying how the last years’ events will permanently shift the way the business world operates. Some of the topics the conference will deal with are: Do the aftershocks of last recession merit a new strategic direction, or were they just a speed bump? In the wake of the recession, how are businesses picking up the pieces and finding their fit?

Who are the major actors that influence corporate decision making in 2011 and beyond? What trends do America’s business leaders feel will influence their companies in the next decade? How do corporations anticipate market fluctuations and use these predictions to identify an opportunity? How will changes in world’s natural resources affect businesses moving forward?

Conference Director Andrea Wolberg asked us to re-transmit this message, shared with you below.


I’m the Director of Business Today’s 2011 International Conference, and applications are live and due on July 24th!

Business Today is an organization I’m involved with at Princeton, founded by Steve Forbes when he was an undergrad. The International Conference will be held Nov 20-22 and is an all-expenses paid (airfare/hotel/meals), 3-day event held at the Grand Hyatt in NYC. It’s is the perfect opportunity to wine and dine with Fortune 500 CEOs: Past executive speakers have included Steve Forbes, Bill Ford, Alan Blinder, and the leaders of Avon Cosmetics, Godiva, Southwest Airlines and many more companies. We just confirmed Wendy Kopp (the Founder of Teach for America) and Ron Meyer (President & COO of Universal Studios) as two of the keynote addresses for this year’s conference.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

The only candidate requirement is to be an undergraduate student at university. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

Professional Internships Abroad: the AIESEC proposal that will rock your foundations

Last year, Natalia Kuyumllian, a 20 year old Commercialization student, went on a professional exchange to Brazil through the NGO AIESEC Bs As, organization in which she currently takes part as a volunteer. Today she tells us about her experience.

AIESEC is the international platform for university students and recent graduates who look to become agents of change and generate a positive impact on society. Based on the concept of global learning and seeking personal as well as professional development, the NGO gives 10000 members each year the challenging opportunity of living and working in another country. Natalia found AIESEC almost by mistake, looking for a job on an employment website. However, she decided to apply, got in and shortly after was granted her desired internship at a non-profit organization in Brazil: ACAO MORADIA.

Why did you decide to go on an exchange? What motivated you?

I have wanted to go on an exchange ever since high school. I liked the idea of finding myself alone in a different country, getting to know other cultures, speaking another language and find out about other lifestyles.

What type of job and tasks did you do?

I worked in marketing consulting. The ONG of which I was part was dedicated to teaching a trade to low-income people and helping them create their own micro-enterprises and we did the consulting for the latter. I worked with a Colombian girl with whom I also lived and together we developed an improvement project on both production and promotion for these micro-enterprises.

What was the biggest cultural shock?

I don’t know if I had such a big cultural shock; we have a lot in common with Brazil. The fact that the family with whom I was staying was Buddhist was something I learnt a lot from. I spent Christmas with them and it was definitely strange, but yet amazing. I think spending the holidays there was the most “shocking” thing.

What insight did this trip leave you?

A lot! I had the good fortune of not only getting to know Brazilians, but people from all over Latin-America. I learnt that it doesn’t matter if we live thousands of miles away, have different ways and celebrate in a different matter. There is a common pattern, and that is that we are all human. We feel, we are passionate and surprised about the same things. We may all express it in a different way, but there was no way you could not feel identified with any of the people you met and you could always learn something from one another. I finished my trip feeling Brazilian, but also feeling a lot of respect and admiration for countries like Colombia, Costa Rica and Venezuela because I learnt a lot from them and now have great affection for their Ambassadors (my friends over there).

What would you recommend youths who are about to start their internship?

If you already know what country you are going to, start researching things about it, make contact with the committee that is going to receive you there and start getting to know them. Plan your trip with extra days so that you can travel and get to know other regions, not just the one you are going to be living in. And to those who still don’t know where they’re going, research the countries that are available to you, think of what each one can give you and which attract you the most. Make contact with other youths who are currently away or who have already returned so that they can give you some useful tips. They are people who have already been through this and are full of recommendation that can come in handy.

What would you tell youths to convince them to dare to leave and live a great experience?

I’d tell them what I always say in the informative talks: it is the best way to change your lives, to grow as people and professionals. Your vision becomes a lot more global and you contribute to make others’ the same too. It is an experience that rocks your very foundations and changes your life forever, with new friends, new families and new homes.

This was Natalia’s experience. If you want to challenge yourself, get to know other cultures, put the knowledge you learnt at school into practice and overcome your limits, do not hesitate to contact AIESEC. A unique experience awaits you.

Por more information, visit their website or get in touch through email.